February 2015 Good $ense Newsletter: Transformational Opportunities

Dear G$ Friends and Stewardship Partners,

I wonder if you view news headlines such as the recent terrorist attacks in France or the volatility of oil prices as messes or ministry opportunities. No question that they are messes –  created by messy stuff – greed, duplicity, lack of judgment.

But I suggest that messes can be leveraged for tremendous ministry opportunity. In Fast Company Magazine some new and counter-intuitive research suggests that trends occur not because influential people start them but because of how “susceptible” the society is overall to the trend.

The current concern about the world and our economy present a “susceptibility opportunity” to teach and train and encourage folks who are likely to be in a more receptive frame of mind to receive what you have to offer than has been the case for decades.

Don’t miss the opportunity to reach out to those within your congregation and in the community at large. The Freed-Up Financial Living course provides long term guidance for those at all points along the economic continuum. G$ Freed-Up Coaches in your church or organization can provide one on one stewardship discipleship (Exciting news! New Freed-Up Coaches training resource available in February 2015!).

And as you teach and train and continue to grow along your own stewardship journey, remember that our goal is not to just change what people do, but what they believe – because in fact, what they believe ultimately determines what they do.

I was reminded of that as I reread the following in Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard:

“What has to be done, instead of trying to drive people to do what we think they are supposed to do, is to be honest about what [they] really believe.  Then, by inquiry, teaching, example, prayer and reliance upon the spirit of God (emphasis mine) we can work to change the beliefs that are contrary to the way of Jesus.”

In Good $ense we make the statement, “It’s about more than just money. It’s about who you are (ie. what you believe) and who you are becoming.” As leaders and teachers let’s not focus simply on external behavior change but on heart change. Remember the G$ byline, “Transforming Finances!  Transforming Lives!”

Your partner in stewardship ministry,

Sid Yeomans
President, Good Sense Movement
Transforming Finances! Transforming Lives!