The Diligent Earner: Attitude

The end of the year has come and gone, and for many of us, that means we received (or didn’t receive) our annual raises and/or bonuses at work.  Did your rewards meet your expectations?  How is your outlook at work affected?

All of us work best in environments where we know we’re appreciated and valued, and monetary rewards like raises and bonuses are one way that companies and bosses communicate their appreciation and sense of our value.  Additionally, we work in order to provide for our families, and how we’re treated monetarily at work is a significant factor in how well we can provide.

While compensation is obviously important, and while we all need to feel valued, being a Diligent Earner is about more than the amount on our paychecks.  Paul tells us to work at whatever we do with all our heart, as working for the Lord, not for men (Colossians 3:23-24).  Working as for the Lord means, among other things, that we carry a grace-filled attitude regardless of circumstances.

Jesus pointed out that there’s no special merit in loving those who love you; even tax collectors and pagans loved those who loved them (Matthew 5:46-48).  He called his followers to a higher standard.  Similarly, any well-compensated worker whose career is everything he wanted it to be can devote himself to work.  But what separates the Christ-follower is the attitude we carry when things aren’t going as well – when that raise didn’t materialize or the promotion didn’t come through.

Even if God calls us on to a different place of work, he expects us to “finish strong” – to leave behind us the aroma of grace.  Our work can reflect his glory; our speech can flow from his grace, and our attitudes can testify to his goodness.  Let’s make 2015 a year where working with all our hearts as for the Lord takes center stage at the workplace!