Truths That Transform: Plan Now, Celebrate Later!

The evening had come, and everyone was excited. The coming of the bridegroom would start off a great celebration. But as time went by, the girls keeping watch began to get drowsy, and eventually they fell asleep.

Late at night, the bridegroom finally arrived. The celebration was about to begin! The girls went to light their lamps; but only five of them would light. The other five girls suddenly realized that they had forgotten to put oil in their lamps. How foolish! Desperately, they begged the five whose lamps were lit to give them some of their oil, but there wasn’t enough to go around. So the five went off to town to buy some oil, but by the time they returned, the celebration had begun and they were left out.

What a difference preparedness makes! Jesus told this parable to illustrate the importance of being prepared for his return by having a relationship with him. But the idea of preparedness carries over into our finances as well. Just as the bridegroom came when he wasn’t expected, so unexpected events will occur in our lives. We may not be able to prevent these events, but planning and preparation can help put us in a position to weather the storms.

Here’s a checklist of short-term and longer-term items to help you gauge and improve your preparedness.

  • Budget: Do you know where your money is going? A budget is the first step toward financial preparedness.
  • Windfall Income: Do you have a plan for what you would do with windfall income if God provided it? Plan now, and avoid regrets later.
  • Savings: Does your plan include sufficient emergency, replacement, and long-term savings?
  • Credit report: Do you know what your credit report says? Protect yourself against unexpected credit issues by keeping track of your report.
  • Insurance: Does your financial plan include sufficient insurance, including (but not limited to) health, life, home, auto, and identity theft protection?
  • Estate: Do you have a will that clearly outlines how your estate will be handled?

What’s your next step of planning and preparedness?

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