October 2016 Good $ense Newsletter: Plans and Interruptions

Dear G$ Friends and Partners,

Ding. Another meeting notice. Fifteen minutes prior to a meeting, my smart phone dings, letting me know that time is ticking away. Sometimes I find this helpful like a sweet whisper, “Your next appointment is now here.” Other times I hear it yelling at me, “You have to hurry up and finish what you are doing.”

There are little red notifications on the screen telling me I have e-mail to be read, appointments to keep – and more often than I like to admit, my time is double booked. Frankly, between family, work, church, friends and daily tasks I don’t have time to spare. It’s just a season, right? Wrong. I am choosing to be busy with family, work, church, friends and laundry. Who has time for laundry???

I’m becoming disturbed that I am less often available to be interrupted. I am so busy planning, going, doing that I am not making space to be interrupted. “Interrupted by what?” you may ask. By life. Type A people tend to be planners, so the planned meetings make sense to me. Interruptions disturb me by shifting my plans and wresting control from my hands.

Recently, a serious diagnosis of a young family member jolted my plans. Reeling as I tried to understand why, I found comfort speaking to my uninterruptible life through Proverbs 19:21: “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

I can plan and prepare but God has gone before me, planning each step according to His purpose. God has done my planning long ago and he wants me to clear my schedule more often to be interrupted by a diagnosis, a financial challenge, an opportunity to give, an opportunity to serve and moments to simply be present in the season I am in right now. Does this ring true for you? for your congregation?

As stewardship leaders, may we help people plan their finances, prepare for the unexpected, and open their hearts to whatever interruptions God allows.

Brooke Bartlow
VP, Communications and Operations
Good Sense Movement
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