December 2016 Good $ense Newsletter: Stewardship of the Gospel

Dear Good $ense Friends,
In the midst of this season in which the value of relationships is most clearly brought to our consciousness, we can’t help but be saddened by how much our behavior inhibits the deepening of those relationships. We over-busy ourselves and over spend ourselves – two sure recipes for relational neutrality, if not disaster. We further complicate things by giving and receiving more ‘stuff’ that we really don’t need and often don’t even have the space for. And that feeds a vicious cycle.

Christmas can be a challenging time in which to be a good steward for sure.  So, the question of how one can be a steward in the midst of Christmas is worth wrestling with!

If we pause for a moment we must realize that the most important thing we are charged to be the steward of is the gospel!

So does what we teach in G$ about the stewardship of money in the five financial areas of life apply to stewardship of the gospel?  Try these thoughts on for size:

  1. Earning: The gospel, the good news of Christ, isn’t anything we earn. It is a grace gift – but we are saved by grace for works! Working as unto the Lord (Col.3:23) takes on new meaning in this context.
  2. Giving: Why sure, I can and should share the gospel generously and joyfully (and sensitively and not just with words). And what better time to do so than during the Christmas season!
  3. Saving: Yep – I should store up the good news in my mind and heart so as to be prepared for the unexpected opportunity to share it or the unexpected hardship that otherwise threatens to leave me embittered or discouraged.
  4. Debt: Oh my – we are indebted to the gospel! But it’s not an onerous, interest-bearing debt on a depreciating item. It’s good debt on the appreciating (growing) love of God which we can enjoy and share… it’s OK to leverage this kind of debt.
  5. Spending/lifestyle: I’d say we’re being stewards of the gospel when we live with moderation and discipline, guided by a spending plan so that resources available to support God’s work in the world can be maximized.

We don’t need to learn any new stewardship principles in order to be good stewards of the gospel – we just need to remind ourselves that it’s the most important thing we’ve been entrusted to steward and then be about applying what we already know!

Have a joy-filled and blessed season of sharing the good news that God so loved the world that Christ was born…
Your partner in the stewardship challenge,

Sid Yeomans
President, Good $ense Movement
Transforming Finances!  Transforming Lives!