Spread the Stewardship Word, Pt. 2

In our last newsletter, we talked about the value of spreading the stewardship word through multiple communication methods available to your church. Keeping stewardship in the conscious thoughts of your congregation is a key element in battling the constant pull of the culture toward consumerism, debt, and self-interest.

But many in your congregation need more help than 140-character “sound bites” can provide. Many can benefit from a more in-depth exposure to stewardship concepts and practices, as well as tools they can use to help them manage their finances on the way toward financial freedom.

Good $ense and other financial ministries have much to offer in the area of proven instruction and practical tools. From general financial principles to specifics about getting and staying out of debt, raising children as good stewards, or planning for retirement, help is available for your congregation on a number of stewardship-related topics.

You might be surprised how few in your congregation have likely had any systematic training with regard to finances and stewardship. Why not check out the Good Sense Resources page today and see if some of the training there would be of benefit to your church?