Spread the Stewardship Word pt. 4: Stewardship Ministry

We’ve been talking this year about ways to help spread the Stewardship word in your church – through social media, training classes, and coaching. As churches get ready to kick off a new ministry season, this is a great time to consider taking the next step and starting down the path to a year-round stewardship ministry.

Here are some of the things God can do in the local church through a year-round stewardship ministry:

  • Remove money as a major stumbling-block to spiritual growth and transformation
  • Free believers from the crush of consumer debt
  • Change lives through creating an understanding of what it means to be a trustee – rather than an owner – of resources
  • Strengthen marriages by removing money as a contentious issue in family life and decisions.
  • Grow the church’s ability to fulfill its vision and mission as members are freed up to give with glad and generous hearts.

But how do you get started? A stewardship ministry is not a switch you can flip; like most ministries, it requires prayer and planning – and the support of your church’s leadership.

The best way to secure the support of your church leadership may depend on the size and structure of your church. In a smaller church, you may meet with the senior pastor and a few key lay leaders. In a large church you may need to meet first with an executive or associate pastor. Find out who has the decision-making authority on new ministries and whether there is a formal process for reviewing and approving new ministries.

The purpose of this initial meeting is to share the benefits of a year-round stewardship ministry, to identify whom it serves, and to secure approval and support in taking next steps to establish the ministry. At this meeting identify whom you will interact with between this meeting and a future meeting at which you will seek senior leadership’s formal approval.

Stewardship ministry is not about getting well-off members to give more to the church; nor is it a ministry only for those who are struggling financially. Stewardship is about helping your members understand and live out God-honoring principles with their finances.

Could your congregation benefit from some of the results listed above? If so, why not start the ball rolling as your church’s ministry season begins to take shape? We’d love to help! Learn more about starting a stewardship ministry on our website, check out our Freed-Up Stewardship Ministry Pack, or contact us with your questions.