Spread the Stewardship Word pt. 5: Freely Receive, Freely Give

As stewardship leaders, we understand that Biblical stewardship is a part of discipleship. Leading our congregations in the area of stewardship is one way in which we obey Jesus’ command to “make disciples”. In a very real sense, Jesus has “sent” us to our congregations, just as he sent the disciples out (see Matthew 10).

As he sent out the disciples, he commanded them: “Freely you have received; freely give” (Matthew 10:8). Jesus had spent much time with the disciples, building into them and teaching them. He was not asking them to give what they didn’t have; rather, he was asking them to pass on what they had learned and experienced of him.

Similarly, as stewardship leaders, we can’t pass on what we have not received. Taking our responsibility to make stewardship “disciples” seriously means, among other things, committing to being disciples ourselves, learning directly from the Word and from the teaching of other leaders in the area of discipleship.

As a new ministry season rolls into high gear, why not make this a year of discipleship that you can pass on? One place to start is the list of key scriptures Good $ense has assembled in our Biblical Financial Principles document. Review these principles and supporting Scriptures; study them in context; maybe even memorize a few that are especially meaningful to you.

Next year, we will feature a regular column reviewing key stewardship-related books as an aid to ongoing learning and development in this key area of discipleship, and as resources you can pass on to your congregations.