Spread the Stewardship Word pt. 6: Stewardship in Context

Some ministries in a church have specific target audiences and other ministries cross audiences. The stewardship ministry falls into the latter category, as stewardship is a relevant topic and area of discipleship for all believers.

Integrating stewardship teaching and principles into other ministries is one way to help spread the stewardship word. Here are a few ideas that might help you partner with other ministries in your church to grow your congregation’s stewardship quotient.

Small Groups. The small group ministry is a great place for stewardship training. This is especially true because of the accountability already built into many small groups and the relationships developed. The small group environment can encourage deep sharing and prayer for group members in the context of stewardship. A class like Freed-Up Financial Living or other general stewardship training is a good place to start for small groups.

Targeted Ministries. Some churches offer small groups or other ministries based on stage of life, such as young parents or older adults approaching (or in) retirement. In addition to a general stewardship class, more specific training can often help people in these ministries – classes like Raising Financially Freed-Up Kids or Freed-Up in Later Life can help your congregation think and pray through stewardship issues specific to their stage of life.

Other ministries might target specific audiences with new financial situations, such as newly married couples or recently divorced singles. Financial realities often change rapidly and significantly in circumstances like these, and training in stewardship can be an invaluable way for your church to come alongside people in times of significant life-change.

Church Libraries. If your church has a library, consider stocking it with some good stewardship books, such as Money, Purpose, Joy by Matt Bell; God and Money by John Cortines and Gregory Baumer; or Your New Money Mindset by Brad Hewitt might be a good place to start.


This year, we’ve covered several ways to spread the stewardship word in your church, including:

  1. Church communication vehicles like bulletins, website, and facebook page
  2. Stewardship classes
  3. Individualized stewardship coaching
  4. Establishing a year-round stewardship ministry
  5. Getting informed with good stewardship resources
  6. Integrating stewardship training in small groups and church ministries

What would a next step in your stewardship ministry look like? We at Good Sense are praying alongside you for God’s clear direction in 2018.