Have a Target

How well does your congregation understand and practice stewardship? What obstacles do people face and what help do they need? How do you envision your stewardship ministry empowering and encouraging your congregation to grow in the area of stewardship?

Someone has said, “If you aim at nothing, you’re sure to hit it.” While there is value in offering individual stewardship classes and these classes often offer help to individuals in specific financial and life conditions, an individual class often won’t move the needle for your entire congregation in stewardship.

Establishing a Vision

How would you go about establishing a vision for your stewardship ministry? Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

  1. Prayerfully “dream” about where God would want your congregation to be in stewardship.
  2. Assess where your congregation is today in their understanding and practice of Biblical stewardship. (See below for a few “thought starter” questions.)
  3. Establish some goals based on the two above exercises. What would a roadmap look like to get your congregation from where they are to where you believe God wants them to be in stewardship?
  4. Based on your thoughts about a roadmap, outline some next steps.  Enlist a few others in the congregation to pray with you over these steps. Check out the Good $ense Freed-Up Stewardship Ministry Pack as a way to get some additional ideas and review some available resources.
Assessing the Status

There are a number of ways you could assess the current health of your congregation with regard to stewardship. Here are a few questions to help you get started:

  • How often does your congregation hear about stewardship from the pulpit?
  • What is the breadth of stewardship teaching they hear? Does it focus solely on giving, or is it more well-rounded?
  • What does the average person in your congregation think that stewardship means? (Perhaps an informal survey here would help)
  • What (if any) stewardship-related events are part of your church’s annual ministry calendar?
  • What are some key demographics in your congregation and what stewardship training do they need? For example, do you have a high percentage of retired people?  Young families?
  • Are there people in your congregation who “get it” with regard to stewardship and might make a good ministry team?
  • What is the temperature of senior leadership in the church with regard to stewardship and the potential for a stewardship ministry?