Would you consider yourself someone who enjoys a surprise? Something like attending a surprise party, receiving an unexpected gift, running into someone you have not seen for a long time or the ultimate surprise—watching a family reunite after months apart? To be on the same page, I really like this definition of a surprise:

1. an unexpected or astonishing event, fact, or thing. “The announcement was a complete surprise”
2. shock, bolt from the blue, bombshell, revelation, rude awakening, eye-opener, wake-up call;
3. (informal) shocker

A shocker, a bombshell or a revelation. Those words stick out in my mind. God can surprise us in small ways or on a more grandiose scale. He surprises us in ways we don’t expect, in ways that only God can do, in shockers, bombshells or revelations.

Each year, as the Good Sense Movement team, we meet together to do a strategy weekend, our retreat. It’s fun, practical and gets our team calibrated on our goals for the upcoming year. This year, God surprised us and said we left something out of our planning. We had clearly identified our marketing group for the year as English-speaking North American churches to leverage the current resources we have in our inventory. God laughed and brought us 3 different International opportunities to impact people through Good Sense. Surprise!

  1. We are now available to host Freed-Up Coaches trainings world-wide.
  2. We are working with a group in Brazil to get GSM Brazil relaunched.
  3. We are also working with a missionary couple in Nicaragua using Good Sense Spanish resources to impact communities in country(*).

Talk about a God-sized surprise and revelation for our team! Please join us in praying for these new opportunities.

How is God surprising you in your ministry? How can we equip and pray for you?
Cheering you on!

Good Sense Movement Team

* To learn more about how God surprised us in Nicaragua, check out this story from La Semilla Ministries.

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