October 8, 2018

Cleaning Up Our Finances

How do you clean? At home, are you the type of person who would prefer to have things simply organized and picked up or do you prefer to have surfaces not just picked up but completely sanitized? Myself, I prefer to have my space picked up and organized daily. My husband and I are deeply impacted by our environments. If there is order in our environment, then we are able to relax and have fun. Roughly once a week, we will spend time cleaning countertops, vacuuming floors, sometimes dusting furniture, cleaning smudges off of windows, etc.

This process has worked well for years. However, I completely missed one item we use daily, our microwave. Last week, I looked into our microwave and I was appalled. This appliance sits high above our stove top and just barely at eye level for me. How could something I use daily be so terribly messy? Okay we have a problem. Not only was it messy but I needed to decide which method should I use to clean it. Chemicals? Vinegar? Water? One thing for certain- lots of elbow grease! If you cannot relate to this at all, have you ever looked inside your office microwave?

Finances are a lot this way. We may be going through the motions, doing repetitious practices from week to week. And yet, there may be something off. Something not quite right. There’s lots of approaches, methods and suggestions on how to clean up our finances. Most approaches will suggest when and how to focus on finances but doing so does require a lot of elbow grease and unfortunately there’s no microwave option for adjusting finances. Why? Because finances really a heart issue. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21)

Freed-Up Financial Living is intentionally designed as a 6-week course so that the participants make time to focus on their heart. Focusing on your heart allows God to move in your life through the area of finances, grow closer to Him and allow God to use you for his Glory. Become a Diligent Earner, a Generous Giver, Wise Saver, Cautious Debtor and a Prudent Consumer. To find out what money motivation personality you have and what the Bible has to say on the issue of money, check out the FREE Money Motivation quiz and List of Scriptures: https://goodsensemovement.org/resources/freed-up-financial-living/



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