Stewardship Champions Corner

Christian Credit Counselors

Last newsletter, we announced a series featuring our Stewardship Champions – organizations whose goal, like ours, is life transformation and with whom we are partnering to multiply impact (ours and theirs!).  This month, we’re introducing the first of these Stewardship Champions, Christian Credit Counselors.

Good Sense Movement is privileged to partner with Christian Credit Counselors (CCC) to help free individuals and families from the burden of credit card debt. For over 27 years, CCC has helped to transform the lives of more than 300,000 families by helping them eliminate all of their credit card debt. Their Christ-centered values and experienced team of friendly and professional counselors make their partnership an integral part of the Good Sense Movement mission to advance transformation.

Christian Credit Counselors is a non-profit organization focused on freeing their clients from debt.  Their Debt Management Plan can help clients avoid bankruptcy, debt settlement scams and quick fixes that will ruin their credit.  Following are some of the areas in which Christian Credit Counselors can help:

  • Consolidation of bills
  • Lowering of monthly payments
  • Lowering interest rates by up to 75%
  • Stopping late fees and creditor calls

Beginning with a debt analysis, CCC can design a path specifically for each individual client.  Their counselors serve as unbiased advocates, offering prayer, guidance, and resources.

If your church has members who are struggling with debt and need practical, Christ-centered help, have them visit the Christian Credit Counselors landing page on the Good Sense website.  This can be a great step toward financial freedom and God-honoring stewardship.