June 4, 2019

Two Are Better Than One

Adapted from Freed-Up Coaches Training

Perhaps no other arena of life presents a greater barrier to trusting God and putting him first than that of personal finances. But for these very reasons, few ministry opportunities present as much potential for personal satisfaction and reward as the ministry of financial coaching. Walking with someone as they move from financial bondage to financial freedom brings great joy both to those who experience newfound financial freedom and to those who help them get there.

Financial coaching is about three primary areas:

  1. Relationship-building
  2. Biblical financial principles
  3. Financial counseling and budgeting tools

Our culture pulls people into financial bondage with an emphasis on self-indulgence and the myth that debt is expected and unavoidable.  Even as believers, it’s difficult to combat these pervasive cultural values without specific Biblical training.

The overarching Biblical principle when it comes to finances is that God created and owns everything, and has entrusted us to be stewards or caretakers of his possessions.  This principle affects everything we do in the area of finances:  Earning, Giving, Saving, Debt, and Spending.  When we realize that we are trustees of God’s possessions, rather than owners of possessions ourselves, we are freed from the cultural demands that lead us into financial bondage.

With bondage often comes fear, and this fear can paralyze believers and keep us from taking action to move in the direction of God-honoring stewardship.  This is where financial coaching comes in.  Scripture tells us: “Two are better than  one, because they have a good return for their labor…pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.”  (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)  By developing a relationship with a client, a financial coach becomes a trusted source of help.


For more on the value and benefits of raising up financial coaches in your congregation, check out the Freed-Up Coaches page on our website.