October 19, 2019

Stewardship Champions Corner

Satisfied Wages for Nicaragua

Good Sense Movement is privileged to partner with Satisfied Wages for Nicaragua, whose mission is to build relationships with Nicaraguans and form Christian entrepreneurs with a worldview of business according to the values of the Kingdom of God, in order to create, manage and multiply economic wealth.

Jesse Rodriguez started financial coaching in 2005 and began applying Biblical concepts to his finances. Together with his wife Jari they paid off debt and established a good savings plan. With good financial planning, hard work and God’s blessing of wisdom they earned their university degrees debt free.

Soon after, Satisfied Wages was started. Incorporated in 2014, Satisfied Wages worked with urban ministries and small businesses in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jesse and Jari relocated to Nicaragua in October, 2016, and partnered with a local ministry, Nehemiah Center, to minister to Christian businesses.

Jesse and Jari use Good Sense resources to make an impact in the financial lives of participants in their program. Their goal is to enable Christian leaders to take their businesses, churches, and ministries from survival to prosperity.  This enables participants to develop holistic Christian financial models that will strengthen their families and communities by providing jobs, hiring others, and increasing church and ministry evangelism to be the light and salt of Nicaragua, thereby breaking the cycle of poverty.

If you’d like to learn more, check out the Satisfied Wages landing page on our website – you can link to their blog from there.