Good Sense is updating our resources!

We’re adding new resources in updated formats to better serve churches as you lead your congregations in Biblical stewardship.

Check out our new FreedUp app, a fresh approach to financial discipleship for people in all situations – not just those deeply in debt!

Or try out our Freed-Up Financial Living Online course for an online version of our popular Freed-Up Financial Living.

We’ve sunset several of our legacy resources, including Freed-Up From Debt, Freed-Up in Later Life, Training Freed-Up Coaches, and the Freed-Up Stewardship Ministry pack.  If you’re looking for content on escaping the bondage of debt, you can find it in the FreedUp app.  We’ve retained Freed-Up Financial Living and Raising Financially Freed-Up Kids in their legacy format for the present time.

Coming soon: an all-new version of Training Freed-Up Coaches – online! This resource replaces the legacy version of the Coaches course, updated with new content and reframed to complement the FreedUp app.

FreedUp App and Stewardship Program

FreedUp App and Stewardship Program