August 2014 Good $ense Newsletter: Time of Renewal

Dear friends and colleagues, 

I have recently returned from my annual canoe trip into the Quetico Wilderness Area in Ontario. It’s a yearly physical, emotional and spiritual time of renewal and on this occasion I was accompanied by two grandsons and a college friend of theirs. Life doesn’t get much better than that! 

The trip involves a significant amount of portaging – that is, carrying overland between lakes the canoe and everything else you have with you to sustain life in the wilderness for a week or more. Since portages are sometimes long and almost always over rough terrain, the objective is to have with you only what is really needed. Life becomes very simple. As one author puts it:
“Surplus, the engine that drives civilization, gains little traction in the wilds…Life defined by simple needs promotes equally simple wants. When a mere tent satisfies the need for shelter, the desire is for a flat space. When an open fire provides the element of heat, the desire is for a sturdy hearth and dry wood. When a canoe and paddle are the primary means of transport, the desire is for smooth water and favorable winds. When feet are drenched in mud and water, the desire is for socks that are dry.”

Simplicity begets peace and contentment. Time becomes available to satisfy the desire for reflection on the deeper matters of life and God. Thankfulness focuses on things I take for granted – the ability to breath, to move, to see… for life itself. 

Back home I contemplate how different that experience is to the materialism and pervasive emphasis on more that characterize our world. And my thoughts invariably turn to why stewardship ministry is so incredibly important. I hope the following list will put fire in your bones and be an encouragement regarding your stewardship calling. 

Stewardship ministry is important because:

  • First and foremost, a proper relationship to money is a prerequisite for a proper relationship to God (Matt 6:21 & 24)
  • Good stewardship provides resources that enable the local church to accomplish its God-given mission.
  • Agreement over handling money strengthens relationships, marriages, and families.
  • Wise financial decisions bring respect, honor, and peace.
  • Good stewardship bolsters contentment with God’s provision and imparts the joy of generosity.
  • Good stewardship frees the believer from the hold of materialism.
  • Good stewardship places trust in God who is eternal rather than in money and possessions which are temporary.

For more than 30 years, Good $ense has been committed to providing resources that transform not just a person’s finances but their life with God. Biblical truths and practical action steps are integrated in a grace –filled manner that leads to joy, peace and freedom. We hope they will be of help in your ministry. 

Let us know if we can serve you in any way. 

Your colleague in the struggle, 

Dick Towner
Good Sense Movement
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