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Articles to help you develop and lead your stewardship ministry, and stewardship tips you can pass on to your congregation.

What crisis teaches us about Saving

Crisis: It's when, not if Many of our grandparents used to talk about "saving for a rainy day".  Economically, it's been "pouring" now for several months, and the impact of Covid-19 is not done yet....
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The Wisdom of Saving

Brooke Bartlow on Saving This month we chatted with Brooke Bartlow about the Biblical importance of saving. Speak a little to the importance of saving for the believer.  Where should this fit in a budget? ...
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The Steward’s Mindset: Saving

The Quiet need In the previous newsletter, we covered the first of four things you can do with money once you've earned it: Giving.  This newsletter, we continue the topic with the next use for...
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Making the Most of Windfall Income

Handling the good surprises Year-end bonuses.  Tax refunds.  Sale of assets or investments.  Inheritance or other unforeseen gifts. Not all financial surprises are bad ones.  While we need to plan for unexpected expenses through savings,...
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Giving, Receiving, and Relationships

Finishing Well This month, we reprise a key year-end article from Sid Yeomans. As the year draws to a close I have been thinking about the concept of "finishing well".  What does finishing well look...
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The Steward’s Mindset: Giving

'Tis the Season This time of year, giving is on everyone's mind.  We've developed a culture around Christmas that focuses on buying and giving gifts.  This isn't all bad; according to Gary Chapman, the giving...
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Keys to Fruitful Stewardship Ministry: Vision

Start with Prayer Last time, we discussed the importance of assessing where your congregation is in the understanding and practice of stewardship.  The next question follows naturally:  Where is God calling your congregation to be...
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October 2019 Good $ense Newsletter

Stewardship Conversations: Five Financial Areas - Earning This month, we talk to Sid Yeomans about earning, the first of the Five Financial Areas. GS:  There's a lot of emphasis in our culture on making money. ...
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The Steward’s Mindset: Earning

Working for a paycheck.  Working for the weekend.  Working for retirement.  Though we wouldn't put it this way, many of us are working primarily so that at some point we won't have to. Work -...
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August 2019 Good $ense Newsletter

Stewardship Conversations: Discipling Congregations in Stewardship Our Stewardship Conversation this month features Brooke Bartlow on the topic of how churches can effectively disciple their congregations in the area of stewardship. GS: Based on your experience,...
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