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Articles to help you develop and lead your stewardship ministry, and stewardship tips you can pass on to your congregation.

Stewardship Lane: Legacy

Generally, people are in one of 3 Lanes financially. In the third lane, we’re “well off” – making progress and building net worth. In this lane, we have an opportunity for legacy. Legacy isn’t just a financial inheritance we leave behind – it’s all about the impact we make as stewards of God’s resources, both during our lives and beyond.

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Stewardship Lane: Clarity

Most people are in one of 3 Lanes financially. In the second lane, we’re making ends meet, keeping up with bills. But are we progressing toward financial freedom? In this lane, we need clarity to understand our financial situation and identify next steps of Biblical stewardship.

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Stewardship Lane: Stability

People are in different places financially. We can think of these as 3 Lanes, or three different broad financial scenarios. In Lane 1, we’re in financial crisis and we’re looking for stability. The path to stability is both a spiritual and a financial one – after all, Scripture consistently points out the spiritual implications of money. Learn a holistic approach to achieving financial stability.

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Stewardship is for Everyone

Stewardship is for everyone, regardless of financial condition. But often, we narrow the view to just those struggling with debt, or just those with abundance. Learn how to promote a healthy, wholistic stewardship conversation in your congregation.

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Stewardship for the Whole Congregation

If your congregation is like most, you have people in different places financially. Does your stewardship ministry produce real disciples in the area of Biblical stewardship from people in all different places financially?

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