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Articles to help you develop and lead your stewardship ministry, and stewardship tips you can pass on to your congregation.

Money & Marriage (2): Building Understanding

Spouses bring different financial assumptions into a marriage, based on factors like family of origin and money motivations. This tends to result in conflicts that look like money arguments but actually go deeper. One key to harmony is to build understanding of each other’s financial assumptions.

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Money & Marriage (1): Becoming One

Spouses fight over money. But are the arguments really about the numbers, or are they about something deeper? Becoming one as a couple includes becoming one financially. Learn how to replace “mine and yours” with “ours”.

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Benevolence and Stewardship Ministry

The Benevolence ministry provides a great hand in times of need. But how do you get beyond giving a person a fish to teaching them to fish? A stewardship emphasis can help a benevolence ministry to empower beneficiaries to a life of financial freedom.

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Stewardship is for Everyone

Stewardship is for everyone, regardless of financial condition. But often, we narrow the view to just those struggling with debt, or just those with abundance. Learn how to promote a healthy, wholistic stewardship conversation in your congregation.

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Whole-Life Stewardship

Stewardship begins with our finances – but it doesn’t end there. God calls us to faithfulness with our whole LIFE: our Labor, Influence, Finances, and Experience.

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Our Stewardship Year, Pt. 2

Faithful stewardship is a direction, not a destination. There are mileposts along the way, but the journey is about the habits we’re cultivating and the practices we’re putting in place. Learn how to plan your stewardship journey.

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Our Stewardship Year, Pt. 1

As the year comes to a close, it’s a great time to evaluate our growth in stewardship. How faithful were we with the resources God provided? Learn how to evaluate where you’ve been in terms of important stewardship areas, and prepare for growth in the coming year!

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Stewardship vs. Generosity

When we hear the word stewardship in church, we nearly always hear it in the context of giving. But stewardship is much more than giving – it encompasses all we do with the resources God provides.

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Are We Serving God Or Money?

Jesus tells us that we have to choose between serving God and serving money. Most of us would say that we choose to serve God, but do our financial patterns really reflect that choice? Learn how to tell whether you may be serving money without realizing it.

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