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Articles to help you develop and lead your stewardship ministry, and stewardship tips you can pass on to your congregation.

The Prudent Spender

It’s OK to spend. God gave us resources to use for His glory and our enjoyment. But He will also call us to account for how we’ve used those resources. Will we be able to answer?

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The Diligent Earner

We have to earn to live. But is work more than just getting a paycheck? The Bible teaches that work has value in itself and describes how Christians should work. Join podcast host James Lenhoff for a look at earning.

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Being a Faithful Steward

In this inaugural episode of The Faithful Steward podcast, host James Lenhoff introduces the topic of stewardship and encourages church leaders to engage in the stewardship conversation with their congregations.

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Training Good Sense Coaches

What makes a successful financial coach and an effective coaching program? James Lenhoff discusses the Good Sense Coaches Training program with Leo Sabo of Christian Stewardship Network.

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