Good Sense Radio

A weekly radio show to share how to become grounded in a biblical understanding of a proper relationship to money and possessions, educating people on God’s will about finances.

Gain clear sight of the love, power, grace and glory of God by clearing away the obstacles that financial issues can create with our relationship with God and others.

You Can be Freed Up!


Power of Purpose


Five Areas of Faithful Finances series:

Goals for Your Finances


The Diligent Earner


The Generous Giver


The Wise Saver


The Cautious Debtor


The Prudent Spender


Family & Finances:

Raising Financially Freed-Up KidsĀ  with guest co-host David Briggs


Starting Strong


Ending Well


Transforming your Finances:

Transform Finances! Transform Lives! with guest co-host Brooke Bartlow


Enough is Enough


Generating Margin


Backing Up the Train


Derailed by Disability


Leaving a Legacy

Stories of Transformation