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Articles to help you develop and lead your stewardship ministry, and stewardship tips you can pass on to your congregation.

Spring Reflection and Check-up

Spring cleaning – it’s not just for houses! This is a great time of year to check in with any financial goals we set for the year and make any course corrections needed. Host James Lenhoff leads us through reflecting on our financial progress.

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Foundations for Stewardship Ministry

Stewardship ministry can be hard, especially if we’ve created confusion by focusing narrowly on debt retirement or giving. A fruitful stewardship ministry involves the entire congregation in a discipleship-related conversation. Join us as James shows us how to lay the foundation for a fruitful stewardship ministry.

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Benevolence and Stewardship Ministry

The Benevolence ministry provides a great hand in times of need. But how do you get beyond giving a person a fish to teaching them to fish? A stewardship emphasis can help a benevolence ministry to empower beneficiaries to a life of financial freedom.

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Stewardship is for Everyone

Stewardship is for everyone, regardless of financial condition. But often, we narrow the view to just those struggling with debt, or just those with abundance. Learn how to promote a healthy, wholistic stewardship conversation in your congregation.

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Stewardship vs. Generosity

When we hear the word stewardship in church, we nearly always hear it in the context of giving. But stewardship is much more than giving – it encompasses all we do with the resources God provides.

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Seeds of a Fruitful Stewardship Ministry

Stewardship ministry is a foundational aspect of discipling believers. But what makes for an effective stewardship ministry? Learn some of the keys to a stewardship ministry that bring effective financial discipleship.

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Issues in Stewardship Coaching

Stewardship coaching isn’t always smooth sailing. A number of issues can arise to complicate the relationship and hinder results. Learn how to identify, forestall, and address some common problems.

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Identifying Coaching Clients

In addition to coaches, your stewardship coaching ministry needs one other key ingredient: clients! Learn how to identify clients who would benefit from stewardship coaching in your church.

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Training Good Sense Coaches

What makes a successful financial coach and an effective coaching program? James Lenhoff discusses the Good Sense Coaches Training program with Leo Sabo of Christian Stewardship Network.

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Training Your Staff in Biblical Stewardship

It’s important for your staff to be financially free – to honor God with their finances. As Jesus said, our hearts follow our treasures. Are you equipping your staff to honor God consistently with their finances?

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