Education loans are the largest financial obstacle facing many recent graduates today. School debt begins to come due at a time when most people will make the least money in their careers, impacting their ability to start a family or make other key decisions.

Most graduates got here because of assumptions that were made as they thought about what they would do after graduating high school. Perhaps their parents pressured them into a college or career choice. Maybe they got swept up in the emotion of visiting a beautiful campus or in the reputation of a specific school.

Decisions around college don’t affect only the students. Many parents, feeling pressure to provide a college education for their children, sacrifice their own futures in the process – eventually becoming dependent on their children because they didn’t properly prepare for retirement.

How can we inject wisdom into the decision-making process regarding college? Podcast host James Lenhoff highlights the importance of starting these conversations early, eliminating unspoken assumptions, evaluating options, and counting the cost. With open, honest communication and prayerful planning, we can help our kids discern a path to a meaningful career without the burden of overwhelming debt.