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    FreedUp App and Stewardship Program

    Disciple your entire congregation in Biblical stewardship with this app-driven program. Includes resources for couples, small groups, and more!

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Training your church in stewardship

It shouldn’t be so hard to teach your congregation about financial stewardship. But often, it is. Many of them equate stewardship with giving, and have never thought more broadly about all they do with the resources God provides. So, they tune out when the topic of stewardship comes up.

Some are struggling with debt and experiencing guilt and shame over bad decisions or lifestyle choices. They need help, but don’t know where to turn.

Others are doing OK, even well-off. When the topic of stewardship comes up, they think, “I’m not in debt – so why would I need that?”

And, of course, you can teach what the Bible has to say about money from the stage. But, as with any key area of discipleship, it’s hard to know if you’re making any actual impact. Equipping your congregation to grow in stewardship requires both Biblical principles and practical tools, and happens best in a setting that promotes accountability.

FreedUp: A program for the entire congregation

Enter FreedUp, a 6-week app-based stewardship program for the entire congregation. FreedUp is packed with videos, spiritual exercises, and practical tools to help your congregation thrive financially and grow spiritually. An accompanying workbook provides guidance for key calculations and space for reflection and vision-casting.

Key Features of FreedUp

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    A 3-lane approach that addresses the entire congregation regardless of their financial situation.

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    Biblical teaching and practical tools through videos and exercises.

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    A small group component to enable your congregation to learn in the context where life-change happens most.

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    Exercises and questions for couples to help them align in the key area of finances.

How Your Church Can Use FreedUp

  • As a small-group curriculum throughout your church – no financial expertise required!
  • As a tool for your marriage ministry and pre-marital counseling
  • As an aid for your benevolence ministry to help empower those in financial crisis
  • As an all-church discipleship initiative (with included sermon outlines and promotional materials!)

Check out the FreedUp website for more information!