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    Train financial coaches to guide those who are struggling financially to a place of stability with this online course. Financial expertise not required!

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Equipping financial coaches

You want to walk help those in your congregation who are struggling financially. You want to do more than just provide aid – you want to help them to a place of sustainable financial stability. But you know that’s going to take time and relationship. It’s going to require more than just a “how to budget” session – it’s going to need someone to walk alongside them, teaching, training, and encouraging.  Discipling.

But you’re just one person, and the need is more than you can address. Wouldn’t it be great if you could raise up a team of financial coaches who could serve your congregation and help disciple others in Biblical stewardship?

Good Sense Coaches online training

Now, you can! With the Good Sense Coaches training curriculum, you can train and equip coaches to help those in your congregation who are struggling financially. This online training course will lead coaches through a proven program that will equip them Biblically, relationally, and practically.

Key Features of Good Sense Coaches' training

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    A step-by-step, repeatable process that demystifies the coaching relationship and gives coaches confidence.

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    Solid grounding in the Biblical financial principles that Good Sense is known for!

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    Videos throughout bring the teaching to life with specific examples.

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    A downloadable journal enhances the training process; sample forms apply financial principles and practices.

Get Up and Running with Good Sense Coaches

Equipping Good Sense coaches for your congregation is easy…
  • Online curriculum enables coaches to learn at their own pace
  • No physical materials needed – all materials are downloadable within the course
  • Train coaches as you need them – no need for scheduled classes

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