Debt. Modern western culture assumes that it’s inevitable and there’s nothing wrong with it. At the other extreme, some argue that it’s inherently sinful and to be avoided at all costs. As usual, the truth is somewhere between.

Debt is dangerous – both spiritually and economically. But it’s also a tool that can be leveraged if it’s carefully managed. In this episode from the FreedUp podcast series, program host Hannah interviews James Lenhoff as they explore the realities associated with debt.

This balanced look at debt includes some ideas that may surprise you:

  • Debt is not a problem. Typically, it’s more of a symptom. As a result, retiring all debt doesn’t necessarily “fix” the problem.
  • Debt is not inherently evil. It can be dangerous, but it can also be necessary in some cases, and in some cases it can even be leveraged for positive outcomes.
  • Paying off all debt is not necessarily the first financial priority. Debt retirement needs to be part of a financial plan guided by Biblical priorities.