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Whether you’re new to stewardship ministry or have run stewardship programs in the past, getting started with Good Sense is easy! Our consultants can help you determine a program that’s right for your church.

Why Good Sense

  • Programs that address the entire congregation, not just those deeply in debt
  • Biblical teaching that anchors financial practices in the wisdom of God’s Word
  • Resources for small groups, marriage ministries, benevolence ministries, and parents
  • Training to equip coaches to disciple those in your congregation who are struggling financially.
  • Grace-filled approach – no judgment allowed!
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Get Started FAQs

Need a little more information? Check out our FAQs below, or book a call with one of our Good Sense Consultants.

How is Good Sense different from other stewardship training programs?

First, Good Sense programs are designed to offer a balance of solid Biblical teaching combined with practical tools. It’s not just verses to memorize with no practical application and it’s not financial advice with the occasional Scripture verse thrown in.

Second, Good Sense programs are designed to engage the entire congregation, not just those struggling with debt. We believe that stewardship is for all believers, and we offer programs that challenge and encourage believers in every financial situation. Additionally, with specific programs for parents and for training coaches, we can make a difference church-wide.

Finally, Good Sense values a grace-filled approach. Some other programs heap judgment on people already burdened with significant financial stress. We believe that God’s grace applies in all situations, including finances. So we emphasize hope for the future rather than judgment for the past.

What programs does Good Sense offer?

Our newest addition, the FreedUp app, is a stewardship training program for the entire congregation. It includes resources for small groups and couples and can be launched as a small group initiative or a church-wide program, with optional resources for weekend services. Currently available in the United States and Canada.

For churches outside the United States and Canada, Freed-Up Financial Living is an online program designed to teach the basics of Biblical stewardship. Built on the same Scriptural framework as the FreedUp app, this program will guide participants through the Biblical foundations and practical steps to create a Spending Plan that honors God with their finances. The program can be used individually or as part of a small group.

Training Good Sense Coaches will help your church to equip financial coaches to guide people from financial stress to stability. Coaches will learn how to develop and sustain encouraging relationships that form the basis for a coaching process that’s both Biblical and practical. A perfect complement to the FreedUp app! This is an online program that can be taken either individually or as part of a team.

How can I take Good Sense programs for a test drive?

Our FreedUp app is available for download for iOS or Android formats. You can download the app and work through the first module for free, then decide if this is a program that would benefit your church. For other options, book a call with one of our Good Sense consultants.

Our church meets virtually. How can we make use of Good Sense programs?

Most Good Sense programs are online or app-based, so they can be used anywhere and don’t require people to be in the same room. In fact, the pilot group for our new FreedUp app was an all-virtual small group! Because of the online nature of our programs, participants can learn at their own pace or at the pace of a small group going through the programs together.