July 2013 Newsletter by Dick Towner: Be Content

Dear G$ friends and colleagues,

I have just returned from my annual wilderness canoe trip up in Canada and I’m refreshed physically, emotionally and spiritually! In that setting I was reminded once again of how little is necessary to have one’s needs met and to be very content. In the words of a favorite author, “Trying to do more than enough in the wilderness is meaningless… Surplus, the engine that drives civilization, gains little traction in the wilds… When a mere tent satisfies the need for shelter, the desire is simply for a flat space. When an open fire provides the element of heat, the desire is simply for sturdy hearth and dry wood. When a canoe and paddle are the primary means of transport, the desire is simply for smooth water and favorable winds. When feet are drenched in mud and water, the desire is simply for socks that are dry.”

How different that is to the cultural milieu you and I live and serve in! While wilderness camping may not be for everyone (just ask my wife, Sibyl!) the reality is that the more stuff we have, the more complex our lives become and the more difficult it is to spend time with and listen to God. Our goal as stewardship leaders is not to tell folks how much stuff they should have (though most of us probably have too much). Our ultimate goal is to open the way for folks to have a deeper relationship to God by teaching and training them in ways of God-honoring stewardship.

Our ministries are about much, much more than developing a budget and getting out of debt. We are dealing with matters of eternal significance. Be encouraged and emboldened!

May your summer be filled with relationship building times with loved ones and may the fall season find numerous stewardship classes and workshops on your church calendar. Be sure to check out our new website and the Freed-Up series of resources. And watch for our forthcoming revised coaches training resource and our new on-line opportunities!

Your partner in the battle,

Dick Towner
Good Sense Movement
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