December 2, 2013

Dear G$ friends and colleagues,

As I reflected on giving thanks during the recent Thanksgiving holiday, I was reminded of a question I read many years ago, “How’d cha get what cha got?” The author’s answer was, “It’s a gift!” No matter what it is, it’s a gift. Are you alive? Life’s a gift! Got a roof over your head? It’s a gift! Got a car? It’s a gift!

Sometimes we get a little confused and get to thinking that, after all, we were diligent and should get at least a little credit for what we have. But Dt.8:18 brings things back into focus: “You may say to yourself, ‘My power and the strength of my hands have produced this [the Bible says ‘wealth’ but you put your own word here] for me. But remember the Lord your God for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth.” The ability – health of mind and body, giftedness and talent, interpersonal skills, the circumstances and resources at our disposal, etc. etc. etc. etc., – IT’S ALL A GIFT!

So in this post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas season, may we, as the receivers of countless gifts, give our deep gratitude first and foremost to the Giver of all good things. And may we never lose track of the fact that His greatest gift is the birth we are about to celebrate.

A grateful heart is the antidote to envy and greed and the doorway to generosity. May you, through your personal example and your stewardship ministry, lead others to the joy and freedom that always accompany gratitude.

With gratitude for you,


P.S. A challenge today is raising our children and grandchildren to be grateful and God-honoring with the resources God will someday entrust to them. Raising Financially Freed-Up Kids is a wonderful tool to help parents successfully meet that challenge.

And a final thought: Bill Hybels recently gave a superb message on the first 2 chapters of Ecclesiastes that drives home what’s important in life. It’s good stuff that could be useful in your stewardship ministry.