It happens. The unexpected medical expense. The sudden car breakdown. That appliance finally wearing out.

These kinds of unpleasant surprises happen to all of us. And, if we’re honest, we often look back on how we responded and think, “If only…”  Why do we tend to make bad decisions in the midst of financial crisis?

These sorts of crises involve more than just our bank accounts and credit cards. They involve our emotions. And so we tend to respond emotionally rather than rationally when crisis hits. Unfortunately, those decisions often lead us into further financial trouble.

Podcast host James Lenhoff explains that our brains are wired in such a way that our emotional reactions occur much more quickly than our rational thought. This leads us to respond to crisis in ways that address the emotion but may worsen our financial situation.

Join us for a discussion on how to rein in those emotions long enough to enable our rational thought processes to take over. If you’re a church leader who interacts with people in crisis, you’ll learn some important principles for helping without hurting!