Freed-Up Stewardship Ministry Pack

Freed-Up Stewardship Ministry Pack

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The Freed-Up Stewardship Ministry Pack is the complete package to start a year-round stewardship ministry for your church, ministry, or organization! By launching a year-round stewardship ministry in your church, you are joining the spiritual battle between God and money. You’re giving participants the biblical instruction and the practical tools to manage their finances in a God-honoring way – regardless of where they are currently in their stewardship journey.

We’ve put together this pack to introduce all the resources you’ll need to carry out your year-round stewardship ministry. Here’s what is included:

Freed-Up Financial Living: Participant’s Workbook + DVD

Freed-Up Financial Living is a 6-hour DVD driven workshop that is the core of the Freed-Up resources. It covers the biblical teaching related to money in the areas of earning, giving, saving, resolving debt, and spending. Participants develop an individualized and God-honoring spending plan!

Raising Financially Freed-Up Kids: Participant’s Workbook + Videos

Raising Financially Freed-Up Kids is a 3-hour video driven workshop filled with ideas and action steps for parents raising children (ages 4-18) to be responsible and God-honoring with their finances.

Freed-Up from Debt: Participant’s Workbook + DVD

Freed-Up from Debt is a 2-hour DVD driven workshop for those who are struggling with consumer debt. It provides the tools and encouragement to develop a plan to get out of and stay out of debt.

Freed-Up in Later Life: Participant’s Workbook + DVD

Freed-Up in Later Life is a 2-hour DVD driven workshop designed to help persons of all ages think through what later life might and should look like. It teaches Biblical principles related to “retirement,” provides the tools to develop a plan to prepare for later life, and lays out the next steps to make the plan a reality.

Freed-Up Coaches: Leader’s Pack

Freed-Up Coaches is a workshop designed to train budget coaches for your Freed-Up stewardship ministry. The pack includes both a Leader’s Guide and a Participant’s Guide.

Purchasing all of these resources at one time as the Freed-Up Stewardship Ministry Pack provides 20% savings.


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