FreedUp App

FreedUp App and Stewardship Program

FreedUp App and WorkbookIt shouldn’t be so hard to teach your congregation about financial stewardship. But most of them probably equate “stewardship” with “giving”. And most stewardship programs out there focus on just one segment of your congregation – those struggling with a large debt load. But Biblical stewardship is so much more than giving and getting out of debt.

Enter FreedUp, a 6-week app-based stewardship program that addresses the entire congregation, regardless of where they are financially. Based on the Biblical principles you count on from Good Sense, FreedUp is packed with videos, spiritual exercises, and practical tools to help your congregation thrive financially and grow spiritually. An accompanying workbook provides guidance for key calculations and space for reflection and vision-casting.

FreedUp provides experiences for couples and for small groups, all embedded in the app. While the app and workbook can be used by individuals as a standalone resource, the program provides all you need to launch a church-wide initiative.

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