September 30, 2013


September 2013 Newsletter: Freedom, Security, Power, and Love

Have You Ever Been Pick-pocketed?

Recently I made two back to back trips to New York City. During one trip I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan with the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and the One World Trade Center in my panoramic view and I found myself marveling at what God had allowed men to create. Amazing structures, monuments, and memorials! A sense of freedom and righteous power seemed to wash over me. Then on the other trip, I was pick-pocketed for the first time in my life! Very humbling. I have traveled all over the world and always put my valuables in my front pockets, but that didn’t help this time. My phone, cash, credit cards, and ID were all gone in an instant! I felt violated, insecure, and even unloved! However, not pondering my loss, I jumped in a cab and raced to the only 24-hr Best Buy in the USA, which happens to be in downtown Manhattan. Within an hour my old phone was canceled, contacts downloaded from the cloud, and I was back up and running.

In retrospect, my NYC experiences reminded me of the money motivation quiz which is part of the pre-work for the Freed Up Financial Living course. The quiz is designed to give you an indication of how strongly you are influenced by Freedom, Security, Power, and Love in your money management practices. None are inherently good or bad, although each certainly has its dark side. One of the keys to managing money wisely is to understand our relationship to it. Of course Matthew 6:21 counsels: “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

For me, my recent NYC experiences were great reminders that Freedom, Security, Power, and Love come from God rather than man-made buildings, monuments, cell phones, or a pocket of cash or credit cards. Knowing where and in whom my trust is placed makes a big difference on how I steward the resources God has given me. So where is your heart? I have heard Andy Stanley ask “Would you be more upset if you woke up and realized your bank account had a $0 balance or that there was no God”. Hmmm….maybe it was a good thing I was pick-pocketed?!