Estate Planning Ministry (EPM) is a ministry devoted to providing Christians with resources and tools in furtherance of their estate planning and financial stewardship. We are here to help at your pace and on your schedule.

Through estate planning, you can leave an inheritance to your family and have a lasting impact on ministries. However, many individuals fail to complete an estate plan. Whether it’s the cost of an attorney, the limited availability of the individual to sit down and complete the process, or other reasons, EPM understands.

Learning at Your Pace

EPM offers free, online educational resources for all registered users (registration is also free). Articles explore common questions and situations, and also provide practical thoughts you may want to consider in planning your legacy. Avoiding the legalese, EPM’s glossary is a quick, user-friendly reference tool at your fingertips. Simple definitions. Simple discussions. Simple learning. Simplified planning.

Planning per Your Schedule with Form Tools

Additionally, EPM offers a proprietary, web-based platform that enables registered users to select and complete legal documents for their estate planning. You answer simple, user-driven questions about your family and wishes. Details and additional examples are included to help you understand what is being asked and why. You can save your progress and return at your convenience. Once you finish answering the questions, your estate documents are printed by EPM and mailed to you with directions to execute.

You have a Christian Duty to Plan your Estate

EPM believes that in accordance with Biblical Stewardship, every individual is obligated to actively develop and craft his or her legacy.

At the end of the Parable of the Rich Fool, Jesus asks a haunting question: “This very night your life will be demanded from you. Then who will get what you have prepared for yourself?” The fool in the story hoarded wealth for himself and made no plans for how he would pass it on. By contrast, God calls his people to be generous stewards in this life and to pass on a legacy when this life is done. Estate planning is a key component of leaving this legacy.

Your Legacy is More than your Property

We encourage you to seek God’s wisdom through prayer and meditation on Scripture as you consider how you will carry out your final act of stewardship. Our legacies are more than dollars and cents.  A legacy is the sum of all we leave behind when we depart: monetary assets, values, and hard-earned wisdom. As a Christian, it is your duty to actively undertake your estate planning and ensure that this last act of stewardship reflects your heart. Stewardship reflects your value system and honors God.

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