The Nehemiah Center is a community of learning and service that contributes to the formation of leaders and to the continuing training of pastors using a biblical and holistic worldview, and that cultivates local, national, and international collaboration for Christ-centered cultural transformation of communities and nations.

Vision: We see healthy churches, actively growing in holistic mission.

Mission: We facilitate opportunities of growth and collaboration for churches and para-church organizations in order to serve them and to strengthen them in holistic mission for the advancement of the Kingdom of God, locally as well as globally.

Kingdom Finance Program: The Kingdom Finance Program was initiated by the Nehemiah Center in response to seeing a need to teach Nicaraguans about financial stewardship. We desire to see financially healthier churches, made up of families and individuals that wisely administer their financial resources and are capable of sharing with those in need and invest their resources in the advancement of the kingdom of God.

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