About RLS

We are a group of relationally driven leaders that want to see regular people have a remarkable impact. We believe long-term sustainable impact only comes from a relationally connected and integrated view of personal growth and organizational performance.

We equip leaders with a scalable operating platform and practices for personal and professional growth that is rooted in character formation and relationship. We also provide safe and engaging relational spaces that help leaders navigate the noise and instability that can come with responsibility while cultivating a leader’s calling, potential, and performance.

Return on Relationship

Regular People. Remarkable Impact.

As leaders, we have all come face to face with moments where we no longer have the answers and realize our desperate need to grow.

Historically, we have focused our efforts on external markers of performance and results, but in Return on Relationship, we explore the reality that true growth is the result of an internal process that involves intentional work between you, God and others. Working from a Biblical perspective, we will gain a healthy and informed perspective on your ability to influence others and to continually become the leader God has called you to be.

Our aim is to help unleash your full potential as you go deeper into God’s calling on your life!