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Articles to help you develop and lead your stewardship ministry, and stewardship tips you can pass on to your congregation.

The Steward’s Mindset: Saving

The Quiet need In the previous newsletter, we covered the first of four things you can do with money once you've earned it: Giving.  This newsletter, we continue the topic with the next use for...
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The Steward’s Mindset: Giving

'Tis the Season This time of year, giving is on everyone's mind.  We've developed a culture around Christmas that focuses on buying and giving gifts.  This isn't all bad; according to Gary Chapman, the giving...
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Keys to Fruitful Stewardship Ministry: Vision

Start with Prayer Last time, we discussed the importance of assessing where your congregation is in the understanding and practice of stewardship.  The next question follows naturally:  Where is God calling your congregation to be...
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