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Articles to help you develop and lead your stewardship ministry, and stewardship tips you can pass on to your congregation.

Are You Underspending?

Do you underspend? It sounds like a virtue, spending less than we plan. But consistent underspending can reveal a tendency to depend on money for security and can hinder generosity. Discover if this may be an issue for you; and if it is, learn how to adjust.

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Making Financial Decisions (pt. 3)

We all encounter financial setbacks – and if we’re honest, we probably wish in hindsight that we had responded better. But unexpected crises trigger us emotionally and keep us from thinking things through. Prepare to respond more thoughtfully when the next crisis hits!

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Making Financial Decisions (pt. 2)

Financial mistakes. We all make them. But often, those mistakes become patterns that we don’t recognize. Why do we make the same mistakes repeatedly? Why do we swing over to make exactly the opposite mistakes? Learn how to move beyond shame over past mistakes to recognize their causes and make different decisions in the future.

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Making Financial Decisions (pt. 1)

Most of our financial decisions don’t begin with numbers. The numbers are simply reflections of our realities and our priorities. Learn some key factors that influence our financial decisions and how to respond more intentionally.

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