Director-Nuba Mountains Bible Institute in Cairo (NBIC)

A small bible school for Sudanese refugees in Egypt and Sudanese church leaders responded very positively to the course and even though the ideas were very new to them they were very thankful. The biggest cultural issue that we discussed was what to do when you have a budget and someone asks you for money, which is very normal in Sudanese culture. Some students said they would take from money budgeted for other things but most thought it was better to have a budget for giving/helping others. I was impressed at this but encouraged them to discuss and find the right solution for their culture, the generosity in their culture is huge and I didn’t want to discourage that. Just wanted to give an encouragement to say that your material is being used in Cairo to help Sudanese refugees and Sudanese church leaders and they are embracing it.

The Everlasting Rock church – Managua, Nicaragua

In addition to the challenging political situation in Nicaragua, many in my congregation are facing unemployment. They really need to hear teachings and participate in financial courses. I am preparing messages on becoming free from debt to share with my congregation; I am sharing what I’ve learned in Good Sense and mentoring sessions.

Seminary Student Spouse & Young Mom

Good Sense Freed-Up Coaches curriculum is excellent and will allow me as a future pastor’s wife to lead a financial ministry in our church home… Implementing the lessons in the other Good Sense resources has created huge trust and partnership in my marriage!

La Semilla Ministries, Nicaragua

At La Semilla, we’re pleased to offer this type of training (based on Freed-Up Financial Living): 1) to build deeper relationships with our producers  2) to add to our commitment of seeing the rural economy of Nicaragua grow and mature  3) teaching that the life of a Christian is integrated, including in our finances.  Read more…

Stories of Transformation