There are folks in your congregation who are struggling financially and who need a second step beyond a stewardship training program. You need coaches who can walk with them on the path to financial stability. But what makes a successful coach? And what makes a successful coaching program?

There’s a good chance you have some folks in your congregation who are good with money – but financial coaching is more than sharing expertise. You need coaches who understand the importance of relationship, who can pass on Biblical wisdom when it comes to finances. And you need a coaching program that creates a standard for coaching relationships – something that defines expectations for both the coach and the client.

In this video podcast on Christian Stewardship Network, James Lenhoff discusses with Leo Sabo the foundations of Biblical financial coaching and explains how the Good Sense Coaches Training program can help you raise up confident, relational coaches and establish a financial coaching ministry that’s consistent, supportive, and successful.

Good Sense Coaches

If you’re looking for a program to train Budget Coaches for your Stewardship ministry, check out our Good Sense Coaches training program!

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