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    FreedUp Church Launch Kit

    A full-church launch is the most comprehensive way to disciple your congregation in Biblical stewardship. Our Church Launch Kit will provide you with all the materials you need to make your launch successful! You'll get promotional materials, small group materials, sermon outlines, and more.

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    FreedUp Groups Launch Kit

    Life-change happens in small groups! The FreedUp Groups Launch Kit contains everything you need to promote the program, equip group facilitators, and prepare for a successful launch.

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    FreedUp Launch Kit Upgrade

    Upgrade your FreedUp Groups Launch Kit to a full Church Launch Kit. Available to churches who have purchased the Groups Launch Kit.

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Launch the FreedUp Program at your Church

Launching a new program can be a daunting task – unless you have access to the right materials.  Our Launch Kits will give you the materials you need for a successful program launch.

The Groups Launch Kit provides key resources for a successful launch through your small group ministry including a group content overview, email templates for use by small group leaders, a group facilitator guide, marketing assets, and more.

If you’re executing a full church launch, check out the Church Launch Kit. This kit includes all the resources in the Groups Launch Kit plus sermon outlines and notes, a video library, a staff training program, and more.

Already launched through your small groups and now ready to take on a full church launch? If you’ve already purchased a Groups Launch Kit, the Launch Kit Upgrade will fill in the gaps – no need to purchase the full kit and duplicate resources.

Click the links below to order or contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Key Features of FreedUp Launch Kits

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    Marketing assets to help you socialize the program.

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    Multiple small group resources, including email templates, session overviews, and a Facilitator guide.

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    Sermon outlines and notes (Church Launch Kit)

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    Pre-launch checklist and calendar (Church Launch Kit)

FreedUp App Cost Sharing Option

Good Sense offers a cost sharing option that allows you to underwrite part or all of the cost of the FreedUp app for your congregation. Cost sharing allows you to:

  • Encourage your congregation toward growth in stewardship by sharing the cost of the program, reducing the cost for your members
  • Create a tool your benevolence team can use to disciple those in financial crisis

You can underwrite as little as $10 per user or as much as the entire purchase price of $99 per user.  Click here to order or contact us at [email protected] for more information!