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The Cautious Debtor

The Cautious Debtor We’ve been looking at key characteristics of Prudent Spenders. We’ve noted that they are Generous Givers first and also Wise Savers. In addition to these two money personalities, Prudent Spenders are Cautious Debtors. A Cautious Debtor is one who avoids entering debt, is careful and strategic when incurring debt, and always repays […]

The Wise Saver

The Wise Saver We’ve been talking about Prudent Spenders – those who enjoy the fruits of their labor while guarding against materialism. We’ve seen that Prudent Spenders are, first of all, Generous Givers. But this is just the beginning. Prudent Spenders are also Wise Savers. They understand the importance of saving for their own needs […]

The Generous Giver

The Generous Giver In a previous article, we introduced the idea of Prudent Spenders – people who enjoy the fruits of their labor while guarding against materialism. But what makes up a Prudent Spender? Prudent Spenders are Generous Givers first of all. They make room for giving generously by living with gratitude and contentment, which […]

The Faithful Steward

The Faithful Steward When we talk about stewardship in church, our minds tend to go automatically to the offering plate (or the online giving portal). And while the Bible has much to say about giving, stewardship consists of more than just this.  Faithful stewardship is a key component of our walk with God – it […]

The Diligent Earner

The Diligent Earner When it comes to Earning, taking a Biblical approach can sometimes be challenging. Many in our congregations fall into one of two extremes on the “earner spectrum”. Some may be Disinterested Earners – people who simply put in the time and do what is required without any real sense of commitment or honoring […]


On Freed-Up Financial Living Online:  Very sound theological foundation and excellent use of scriptural references. James Clark, Trinity Wall Street Church

I turned to Willow where my transformation began to get Good Sense materials to share with my church. I pray that more lives will be transformed with these materials as mine was.

Ron Benton

Our organization has partnered with Good Sense for almost 20 years. We were looking to develop financial stewardship resources for our own employees, and discovered that Good Sense materials were so close to what we needed that it was better not to reinvent the wheel.

Bob MacLeod

My church conducted the Freed Up from Debt workshop. It was terrific! The curriculum included all the resources we needed to plan, promote and conduct the 3 1/2 hour workshop. Their customer service is excellent.

Dick Brewer

Good Sense provides the Biblical basics on how to start using the assets that God has provided to you wisely! Good Sense also has a program on how to train your children in managing their money!

Alex DiMuro
Good Sense is just that good sense. Check them out. Do your own research, and you will discover the same thing I did, they are the best in class. Look no further. The materials are laid out well, simple to follow, clear and life changing. Steen Hudson

The Good Sense program made sense for our church! We reviewed and adopted all four of the Good Sense classes and set them up on a quarterly rotation and our congregation loves it! We appreciate the Biblical foundation that Good Sense is founded on [and] HIGHLY recommend the Good Sense program!

Jeff Maynard