Good Sense Movement is an organization that believes deeply in the fact that stewardship of financial resources lies at the heart of Christian discipleship. As a result of that belief, we are passionately committed to raising the level of Biblical stewardship education and training for churches, ministries, organizations, and individuals to equip families for financial freedom.

We further believe that the failure of the church to articulate a Biblical perspective on money and possessions yields the day to the seductive messages of materialism. Given the importance of finances in the day-to-day lives of individuals, we also believe it is an act of self-marginalization by the church to not speak into this arena. We yearn for the day when it is normative for the local church to have a vibrant financial stewardship ministry and are committed to doing what we can to make that day a reality.

Scriptural support for the spiritual significance of one’s relationship to money includes the following:

  • Matt. 6:21 – Where your treasure is your heart (the very essence of who you are) will be.
  • Matt. 6:24 – You cannot (it is impossible!) serve both God and money.
  • Matt. 13 – In the parable of the sower, Jesus indicated it was the deceitfulness of riches that choked out the Word of God and made it unfruitful.
  • 1 Tim. 6:10 – The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.

Without going any further (and we could with many more scriptures), these four references make the case very well for why our relationship to money is spiritually significant!

What We Do

Good Sense Movement does 3 things:

  1. Create resources and experiences for churches, ministries, organizations, and individuals to teach, train and support families in becoming responsible and God-honoring with their financial resources.
  2. Promote awareness within the Christian community regarding how easily money can become the rival god and impair a person’s relationship to the true God, as well as promote awareness for how freeing it is to align your finances with the grace and wisdom of God!
  3. Provide encouragement and training to Christian leaders as they establish stewardship ministries within their local communities.

We also are honored to support other stewardship ministries and act as a referral place for their resources and services!

Our Passion

We believe the major spiritual battle of our day, for most people, is the eternal feud between God and money… Which master will they serve? (Matt. 6:24) Where will their heart be? (Matt. 6:21) Our passion is to awaken the Christian Community to the importance of a person’s relationship to “their” money and their stuff. That passion is sustained by the knowledge that a biblical understanding of money has very significant spiritual and day-to-day implications.

Core Values

Good Sense Movement is committed to working with churches of all denominations and collaborating with like-minded, faith-based organizations to equip individuals to be responsible and God-honoring with their finances. Our resources and events are guided by the following core values:

Transformational Life Impact

The ultimate goal is not just improved financial management, but also a transformed heart. Our tagline is: Transformed Finances! Transformed Lives!… and we mean it!

Deep Integration of Biblical Principles with Basic Financial Tools

The “what” and the “why” of scripture is combined with a clear explanation of “how” to utilize basic financial tools. Great care is given to use scripture within the context and to simplify the use of tools like a spending plan, a record keeping system, and a debt reduction plan.

Grace-Filled Approach

Guilt or shame statements don’t have a place here – just God’s truths revealed in the way we believe Christ would have revealed them.

Understandable Financial Principles

Easy-to-use resources with everything included for the user presents clear and simple teaching and training on a subject that (contrary to common belief) is not rocket science.

Cultural Relevance and Practical Application

We present teaching in a way that is relevant in today’s culture and has practical, day-to-day applications.


Resources and events are geared to multiple group sizes (including individual use) and can be presented in a variety of time frames.


Our goal is to remove cost as a barrier by providing quality resources at the most affordable prices.


The Good Sense Movement began as a financial stewardship ministry at Willow Creek Community Church almost 30 years ago. Birthed by a group of volunteers, the purpose of the ministry was to teach, train and support the congregation in the area of personal finances, utilizing biblically-based principles.

Dick Towner became the first full-time Director in 1992 and grew the ministry further, developing new resources and training experiences that helped thousands in the congregation begin to honor God with the management of their financial resources.

Dick moved to the Willow Creek Association in 1999 and began adapting the Good Sense resources and training experiences for utilization by other churches. Launched in 2002, the Good Sense resources and workshops have been used by over 5,000 churches and organizations throughout the United States and around the world!

This evolution has continued with the official formation of the Good Sense Movement in 2011 as an independent 501(c)(3) organization. Sid Yeomans, a gifted teacher/leader came alongside Dick to help lead this new era of Good Sense Movement. The focus continues to be to help individuals, churches, ministries, and organizations transform their finances, transform their lives, and honor God with the management of their finances.

Most recently, Good Sense has partnered with Crossroads Church of Cincinnati to develop the FreedUp® app and program.  FreedUp fills the gaps in most stewardship training programs by addressing the entire congregation regardless of financial position.  The program helps participants achieve stability, clarity, and legacy by targeting practical steps for different financial situations.  Check it out at!

Today Good Sense Movement has worldwide impact through the efforts of our team, composed of both staff and volunteers. Biblical principals of money management are taught through DVD and online resources, church/para-church/business events, and gatherings. An advisory board of organizational and spiritual gurus helps guide the organization forward. Success is abundant with hundreds of testimonials of lives, marriages, and families transformed as people develop a free, healthy, and biblical relationship to money!