Freed-Up from Debt

Freed-Up from Debt: Participant’s Workbook + DVD

Freed-Up from Debt is for those who are struggling with credit card or other consumer debt. Focusing on empowering instead of shaming, this resource teaches biblical principles related to debt and provides the tools and encouragement to develop a plan to get out of and stay out of debt. Participants wrap this course up by establishing a personalized debt elimination plan.

The DVD includes a free downloadable Facilitator’s Guide (see below), allowing the Freed-Up from Debt workshop to easily be conducted by a live presenter. Take its guidance to heart, then adapt your role to your unique circumstances!

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Freed-Up from Debt: Participant’s Workbook


Freed-Up from Debt can also be ordered with a 2-hour DVD that really brings the teaching experience to life. The format is excellent for groups of all sizes. The workshop is taught by seasoned stewardship leader and author, Matt Bell.

$10.99 each

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FREE Freed-Up From Debt Teaching Tools

Download the following free teaching tools:

Freed-Up From Debt Marketing Tools

Download this editable poster to promote the course at your church! (Note: The poster includes a customizable text box and sample poster.)

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