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Articles to help you develop and lead your stewardship ministry, and stewardship tips you can pass on to your congregation.

June 2019 Good $ense Newsletter

Vision and Fulfillment On April 27, 2019, the Good Sense Movement community gathered for our Annual Vision Night in Crystal Lake, IL. As a virtual organization, gathering us in one room allows us to reconnect, share a meal together...
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April 2019 Good $ense Newsletter

Stewardship Conversations: Financial Coaching This month our conversation with Sid focuses on the area of financial coaching. GS: How important are financial coaches in helping believers who are struggling with stewardship? Sid: Stewardship coaching isn’t...
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February 2019 Good $ense Newsletter

Stewardship Conversations: Churches and Stewardship Ministry This month we continue our conversation with Sid Yeomans, President of Good $ense Movement, focusing on common ways in which our congregation members might struggle with stewardship and how...
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December 2018 Good $ense Newsletter

Stewardship Conversations: Churches and Stewardship Ministry This month we're starting a series of conversations with Sid Yeomans, President of Good $ense Ministry, around stewardship and stewardship ministry.  Our topic for this month is an introduction...
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October 2018 Good $ense Newsletter

Clean Hearts and Clean Finances How do you clean? At home, are you the type of person who would prefer to have things simply organized and picked up or do you prefer to have surfaces...
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August 2018 Good $ense Newsletter

What You Think, You Are Can changing our thinking really change anything at all? Quite possibly as stewardship leaders and learners we’re really in the “changing-what-you-think-about” business. After all, someone once said, “You are not...
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June 2018 Good $ense Newsletter

Surprise! Would you consider yourself someone who enjoys a surprise? Something like attending a surprise party, receiving an unexpected gift, running into someone you have not seen for a long time or the ultimate surprise—watching...
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April 2018 Good $ense Newsletter

Is Simplicity Complex? I really enjoy books...complex, simple, hardbound, or otherwise.  Some books are classics, like Richard Foster’s Freedom of Simplicity.  I believe Foster speaks clearly to the yearning of many of those our ministries...
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February 2018 Good $ense Newsletter

It's All About Jesus Friends, As we turn the page into February 2018, we are already approaching the start of a new Lenten season. I feel like we just celebrated the birth of Christ. Now,...
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The Best Christmas Gifts

December 2017 Good $ense Newsletter: The Best Christmas Gifts Dear Good $ense Friends, In the midst of this season in which the value of relationships is most clearly brought to our consciousness, one can't help...
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Financial Fingerprints

October 2017 Good $ense Newsletter: Financial Fingerprints Dear Good $ense Friends, My oldest daughter, Faith, is 4 years old and in our church's Pre-Kindergarden. Recently, I was visiting her class during circle time. All the...
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Stewardship from the Inside Out

August 2017 Good $ense Newsletter: Stewardship from the Inside Out Dear Good $ense Friends, My daughters are growing up!  Later this year one will be entering college, one searching for the college that is just...
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