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Welcome to the Good Sense Budget Coaches Training Course! Our goal is to prepare you to serve as a Budget Coach in the ministry of your church.

You don’t need to be a financial expert to be a Budget Coach! But you do need to commit yourself to continually grow in understanding the Biblical basis for your coaching, to grow in your skills as a compassionate listener, and to serve others who are often in difficult financial circumstances.

Budget coaching can sometimes be exasperating. You’ll face challenges from your clients’ financial habits on one hand and from the culture on the other. Your role puts you on the frontlines of a spiritual battle. Perhaps no other arena of life presents a greater barrier to trusting God and putting him first than that of personal finances. But for these very reasons, few ministry opportunities present such great potential for kingdom impact and for personal reward.

This online version of Good Sense Budget Coaches Training is based on material from the classroom/workbook version of the course. The content also reflects updates from our FreedUp app.

May God empower you to serve Him and your clients with diligence and joy.

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