“What do you want for Christmas?” Every year, we ask our families and friends this question. We run from store to store, often spending money we don’t have to buy things people don’t need.

And we rack our brains to answer the same question. Most of us have more than we need already, so we struggle to come up with new ideas.

Year after year, we exhaust ourselves in the pursuit of things for ourselves and others, and then deal with the headaches and bills in January.

What if this year, we asked a different question?  What if we asked, “What do we want from Christmas?” What do we want to learn, to experience? How do we want to encounter our Savior? How do we want to spread His joy to others?

Join us as host James Lenhoff describes his family’s journey from “for” to “from” and helps us imagine a different framework for the annual Christmas conversation.