Saving isn’t exciting – not nearly as exciting as, say, buying that new car or going on that great vacation. But saving does two key things for us. In the present, it grows us in Biblical characteristics like patience, perseverance, gratitude, and wisdom. And in the future, it positions us for obedience to God’s leadings into generosity and other areas.

It’s possible, of course, to over-save, and some have fallen into the trap of relying on their savings for security. They save and save, resisting present opportunities for generosity and enjoyment because of fear about the future.

But most of us don’t have that problem. Bombarded by marketing messages, manipulated by self-centered thoughts about what we “deserve”, driven by emotional need, we spend impulsively and rack up debt in the process.

Join us as host James Lenhoff leads us through a balanced approach to saving. James introduces us to key short-term savings goals like emergency savings, a 3-month net, and replacement savings; then he leads us into longer-term thinking about retirement and other more distant goals.

If you’re not on a path of consistent saving, there’s no time like today to start!