We’ve often thought of – and taught – principles of stewardship as though they were an isolated facet of the Christian’s life. And we’ve typically couched stewardship in terms of giving, limiting the scope of financial discipleship to this one important area.

But it turns out that stewardship is more than giving, and it’s more than just one aspect of Christian discipleship. In fact, stewardship is at the very heart of Christian discipleship – and holistic discussions and teaching around stewardship can help form Christlike character in our communities.

That’s because money sets itself up as the chief rival to God. Jesus pointed this rivalry out when He warned that we have to choose between serving God and serving money, and when he exhorted us to put our treasures in heaven rather than on earth (Matthew 6:20-24). If we don’t get our relationship with money right in the context of our relationship with God, we won’t be able to follow God wholeheartedly.

Faithful Stewards recognize that God owns it all. This is the foundation of stewardship, and it leads to all kinds of Christlike characteristics – gratitude, contentment, patience, diligence, generosity, faith.

Host James Lenhoff unpacks the foundational nature of stewardship in the life of the believer and shows why the conversation around stewardship should be at the heart of how we disciple our communities.