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Articles to help you develop and lead your stewardship ministry, and stewardship tips you can pass on to your congregation.

The Diligent Earner

We have to earn to live. But is work more than just getting a paycheck? The Bible teaches that work has value in itself and describes how Christians should work. Join podcast host James Lenhoff for a look at earning.

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Issues in Stewardship Coaching

Stewardship coaching isn’t always smooth sailing. A number of issues can arise to complicate the relationship and hinder results. Learn how to identify, forestall, and address some common problems.

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The Cheerful Giver

Giving makes an impact. It affects the giver and the recipient. It reflects on the glory of God. But it all depends on the heart of the giver. God calls us to give cheerfully, not grudgingly.

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Being a Faithful Steward

In this inaugural episode of The Faithful Steward podcast, host James Lenhoff introduces the topic of stewardship and encourages church leaders to engage in the stewardship conversation with their congregations.

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When Does Saving Become Hoarding?

Saving – it’s a good thing. But when does it cross the line into hoarding? Discover some guardrails that can help keep wise saving from becoming faithless hoarding.

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Faithful Stewardship and Financial Crisis

Financial crisis neither produces nor destroys good stewardship. Instead, it tests our stewardship practices and faithfulness. Learn how stewardship can help you prepare for and handle a financial downturn.

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Serve God? Or Serve Money?

Jesus warns us that we must choose between serving God and serving money. See how two wealthy men responded differently to Jesus’ call and learn how true joy lies in serving God rather than money.

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